This conference, brought to you by Bournemouth Borough Council and supported by Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry, brings together a range of international speakers and leaders on innovation and global trade to discuss the incredible opportunities China offers, enabled by the ground-breaking Belt and Road initiative. As well as taking a macro-economic and strategic perspective in the morning session, during the afternoon our speakers will also offer businesses sound, practical advice on doing business in China, including investigating new markets, e-commerce, understanding cultural issues and sourcing supply chains.

Professor Guy Liu

Professor Guy S. Liu (刘芍佳教授)obtained his PhD at Oxford University, and specialized in economics of industry with a particular interest to China’s enterprise reform and development. Currently, he is a professor in economics and Head of Peking University HSBC Business School UK Campus.  He was professor and a former head of Economics and Finance Department at Brunel University London. He was a visiting professor at Leiden University, honoured professor at School of Management of Fudan University (2009 -2016), and adjunct professor of Sichuan University (2001-2008) in China. His research papers have been published widely in internationally leading journals such as the Economic Journal, Journal of Industrial Economics, Journal of Comparative Economics, World Development, Economics Letters, China Economic Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Energy Economics etc. He has pursued his research on Chinese enterprise reform since 1989 and is an author of two books: ‘Economic Reform and Chinese State-owned Manufacturing Enterprises 1980-87’(1996), and ‘Exit the dragon? Privatization and state controls in China’ (2005).. He is a regular commentator on China’s economic and business affairs for BBC.

Lydia Xinyun Jiang

President of the Chinese Qipao Society

Lydia is President of the Chinese Qipao Society and was the 2014 Model New Woman of Chengdu. She was also the China Entrepreneurs Outstanding Woman of the Year and winner of The World’s Most Distinguished Chinese Award in 2016. In 2017 she also founded the Jiang Chipao 2017 SiChuan Outstanding Woman of the Year. Lydia is also a committee member of the Sichuan Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Jamie Shaw

China-Britain Business Council

Jamie Shaw is the China Market Business Adviser for the UK South West. Jamie has extensive experience of working in China, previously based in Shenzhen he was the International Account Manager for the healthcare company Mindray, China’s largest medical device manufacturer. Prior to this he was a Retail Buyer, spending significant time in China sourcing product and managing the associated supply chain on behalf of his UK retail clients.  Jamie holds a scholarship MBA from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and International Business masters from the University of Leeds.

Jamie Sergeant

Founder of leading global agency Crowd

Jamie is the Managing Director and Founder of leading global agency Crowd with over 25 years of game-changing creative design experience. He is an award-winning creative director whose past clients and employers include heavyweights such as Disney, Warner Bros., MTV, Kenwood and Dubai International Airports. Today he leads a team of designers, programmers and content generators that are developing new frontiers in the world of digital marketing and communications.
With offices in San Francisco, Toronto, New York, Dubai, Shenzhen, London and Bournemouth Crowd delivers global marketing that enables growth in local and foreign markets.

Yinshan Tang

Vice Dean of Henley Business School

Dr Yinshan Tang is Vice Dean of Henley Business School and a Professor in Management Informatics at Henley Business School and teaches IT Project Management, Applied Informatics, Organisation Design and Performance Management at MSc level. He has industry experience working for a business consulting firm as a Business Unit Manager for 6 years before coming to Reading 2004. He has also worked as a Parasitologist for over 17 years.

Gao Xudong

Director of the MBA Program

Professor GAO Xudong is Professor in the Department of Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Strategy and the Director of the MBA Program at Tsinghua University’s School of Economics and Management. He holds a PhD in Management from the Sloan School of Management at MIT, a MA in Industrial Economics from the Renmin University of China, and a BE in Industrial Management Engineering from the Harbin Institute of Technology. At Tsinghua he offers courses such as Strategic Management, Technology Strategy, and High-Tech Entrepreneurship. Dr GAO is an expert in technology management in China. His book, Indigenous Innovation at Firms: Strategy and Methods, is among the first books in managing indigenous innovation in China. He serves on numerous boards and consults for several notable businesses in China.

Richard Li-Hua

China’s Embracing Innovation Theory Founder

Professor Richard Li-Hua, PhD, Founder of China’s Embracing Innovation theory, is well-known for his research on China’s innovation and innovation strategy. He is currently Visiting Professor at Henley Business School, Reading University and the President of Camot Innovation Academy Cambridge, UK. He is a senior expert of science & technology endorsed by EU Patent Office and MOST, China and an internationally recognized authority on international technology transfer and innovation. He is Honorary President of SIAS International University and served as President & Vice Chancellor of SIAS International University, China (2014-2017). He is also President of China Association for Management of Technology (CAMOT) founded in 2006 at Tsinghua University. He is Distinguished Professor of Strategic Management & Leadership and Strategic Advisor, Penn State University, USA and Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, China. He was Visiting Scholar at Judge Business School, Cambridge University, UK and is Strategic Advisor at Research Center of Technology Innovation, Tsinghua University, China.

Conor Burns

Elected to Parliament for Bournemouth West in the general election of 2010 Conor was elected to serve as a member of the Education Select Committee to be subsequently promoted to serve as a Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Northern Ireland office. After the 2015 general election Conor was appointed as a Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Treasury. Following Theresa May’s appointment as Prime Minister she asked Conor to serve as Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy the Rt Hon Greg Clark MP. Conor has also served as the Parliamentary Private Secretary for the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs.